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I started this blog ages ago, but gave up on it, now I am trying again, but on instead, please follow me there as that blog I DO intend to do on a very regular basis 🙂

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Dean Thorpe



Everything you wanted to know about Dean Thorpe, but were afraid to ask!

Dean Thorpe relaxing at home

A nice chilled photo of Dean Thorpe just relaxing at home sorting photos to add to the Death Prone web site!

Lots of people seem to ask questions about me (Dean Thorpe), who I really am, what I’m like etc. So I created a page for my Death Prone site (Death Prone is an anagram of Dean Thorpe) that is all about me. That may sound a little narcissistic, but it saves me answering the same questions to different people!

About Dean Thorpe

Anything you want to know about me / Dean Thorpe that isn’t on there, just contact me via that site and I’ll try to help 🙂

There are also a few photos of me on that page, showing my eccentric sense of humour and also my more serious side!

Death Prone Images